Sharepoint Link to TM1 Web – 403 Forbidden Error

It all started with an issue reported that a sharepoint link was not working correctly.  The link was right and was accessible through a browser, except when anyone would try to access it through Sharepoint, a 403 Forbidden error would pop up. This error would go away by pressing “f5” (refresh), but that was not a valid solution for the business of course.

After some troubleshooting, I was able to come up with the following solution.

– Created new site under IIS in the TM1 Web server.

– Modified the index.html file to contain a redirect to the real TM1 Website (code below):


(I tried to post the code, but it kept getting modified by wordpress)

– Keep in mind that I tried to do a simple HTTP redirect directly from the new site from IIS first, but this gave me the same previous error.

– Changed Sharepoint link to point to the newly created site.

Link example:

I tested and the re-direct worked flawlessly through sharepoint so I was able to communicate to the business that the issue had been fixed.

I am still not sure why the link would not simply display through Sharepoint directly, but this was definitely the easiest fix without spending tons of time figuring this out.

Hope this is useful for some of you out there!


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